How to Transfer a Gun in California

Strict regulations in California laws regarding the legal transfer of a firearm. Here is the complete and step-by-step guide for first time handgun buyer. The days you could buy a pistol from a private seller who placed an ad in the classifieds is not allowed anymore. Now, these transfers must be done by a licensed firearms dealer. Make sure you know the proper procedure before selling or buying a firearm from someone other than a dealer.

handgunFile a Transfer Report

In cases where the transfer is to a parent and another person can legally own a firearm and the firearm is a rifle or shotgun, you can win the transfer without going through a gun dealer. However, if the transfer is between spouses and the weapon is a handgun if not a rifle or shotgun, there is no waiting period, but you must file a transfer report with the DOJ within 30 days. You can get the crucial types of transfers on the DOJ website.

Visit Bureau of Firearms

Visit the California Bureau of Firearms website. Go to the California Rifle and Pistol Association site listed ideally. This is one of the best summaries available of California’s complicated gun laws. Decide if your firearm qualifies for an exemption from the carry regulations. All other firearms must be transported by a licensed dealer.

Find a Licensed Firearms Dealer

Contact a licensed firearms dealer and gun stores are licensed dealers. You can also find dealers in the yellow pages or on websites. Many public shooting ranges are also licensed to conduct firearms transfers. Buyers and sellers must visit the dealer in person and fill out crucial paperwork and bring a valid photo ID. Most firearms dealers can perform the HSC evaluation at the same time you fill out your transfer paperwork, so call ahead to see if they offer this service.

The dealer will take possession of your firearm and wait patiently for the ten-day California waiting period. During that time, the Department of Justice will conduct a criminal background check on the buyer to make sure they are legally authorized to own a firearm. The DOJ also records the transfer of firearms, noting information about the purchaser, as well as the make, model, and a serial number of the firearm. Rifles and shotguns are not recorded.

Take a Gun Permit Practice Test

shooting rangeGifts, bequests, and inheritances fall under this heading, so remember that if your grandfather gives you, you’ll need to file a transfer report. And handle it with care. Take a gun permit practice test to see if you’re well prepared to protect yourself. The Bay Area Firearms Training Group was founded in 2002 to provide excellent training to promote responsible civilian gun ownership/handling. Once the waiting period has passed and it has been determined that you are not a felon or a victim of mental illness, you can go ahead and pick up your firearm.…

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